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HAV Coffee & Art is the perfect place in the oldest part of La Habana Vieja to meet with your friends, have a great cup or bite in a relaxed vibe, hear authentic Cuban tunes, and see inspiring art in the connected gallery.

8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

HAV coffee. We make it great.

Have facts

  • All our shots are double as standard.
  • Our coffee machine is an original Italian heavyweight from one of the best Italian brands. Of course, we also embrace the art of hand-poured filter coffee.
  • We serve fresh Cuban cow milk directly from the farm.
  • We only use authentic Cuban beans from the best Cuban coffee brewers.
  • 100% Cuban Roast stands for ethical coffee with great-tasting and with a lean towards letting the natural flavors of their single origins.
  • An amazing colonial mansion in a buzzing neighborhood.
  • An artistic meltin’ pot of locals and internationals.
  • A dedicated team to make you have a great time at HAV.

HAV_coffee + art

Our dedicated team and a vibrant atmosphere in a Unesco protected World Heritage Mansion In La great Habana Vieja will get you hooked on HAV.

Who we are

HAV is a location for those who appreciate life’s simple pleasures:

Perfect coffee, tasty food, great music, and friendly staff. We offer one of the best breakfasts and lunches in Havana all day round.

HAV is located in the vibrant heart of the oldest part of Old Havana and hidden in the small streets, sheltered from the busy touristy main streets.

Nevertheless, it is only at a 10-minute walking distance from the Capitol and amidst UNESCO World Heritage sites.

It is located at a 5-minute walk from the boulevard Malecón Avenue de Porte and is surrounded by trendy hotspots, galleries, and restaurants.

The street JESUS MARIA is a typical Old Havana street where you will experience the authentic atmosphere of the daily life of La Habana Vieja.

From the open doors of HAV, you look directly into a narrow picturesque street with vintage cars, bicycle taxis, horse carriages, and small local shops and bakeries.


HAV Coffee & Art is located on the ground floor of an impressive 19th-century mansion.

HAV_Coffee & Art stands for quality and makes a great Cuban brewed coffee, organic breakfasts and lunches in the environment of a unique art gallery.

We give extra attention to the coffee, which comes from the best Cuban coffee roasters and is prepared with our high-quality Italian espresso machine.

HAV_cafe is a unique concept because it is part of and directly integrated into the HAV_gallery, where International and local artists exhibit their groundbreaking contemporary art.

HAV has become one of the rendezvous spots for Havana’s locals and a haven for international visitors who want to experience the real Havana instead of the tourist-focused commerciality.

If you are desperate for a good coffee and a great location in Havana, HAV is your destination.

HAV_Art Gallery

The HAV_ Art Gallery is known for its controversial and outstanding contemporary art exhibitions of the works of local and international established artists as well as being a platform for new talented artists.

The HAV_gallery is a large open space that offers a continuous variation of art exhibitions and, at times, it hosts performances and music events.

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For further information, please contact the management, Anna Rodriguez

Yuniel Delgado Exhibition, September 8th, 2019 at Hav Art Gallery.

HAV_Rooftop Lounge Bar

From HAV_Cafe and HAV_Gallery you have direct access to our magnificent roof terrace with stunning sunset views, a great cocktail bar, and a trendy vintage lounge area. Here we serve the best cocktails and snacks from 15.00 till 21.00.

At times we host DJ’s or small music events.


Join a great performance of Eduardo Sandoval at the HAV art gallery exhibition of Yuniel Delgado on the 8th of September!.

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For further information, please contact the management, Anna Rodriguez

Yuniel Delgado Exhibition and  Eduardo Sandoval performance,  September 8th, 2019 at Havcoffee

HAV_Event 1

Enjoy the best captures of our HAV_EVENT 1

Yuniel Delgado Exhibition and  Eduardo Sandoval performance,  September 8th, 2019 at HAV_Coffee

Our Story

HAV opened its doors very recently because, in Havana, it was nigh impossible to get a good coffee in an exciting, vibrant yet authentic atmosphere.

Havana lacked a strong independent café-art-coffee culture. The big old mansion turned out to be a perfect spot to transform our passion into reality and create a unique coffee and art hub and meeting place in La Habana Vieja.

Good old hospitality, independent spirit and a vibrant exciting scene of excellence and commitment.

…We have a passion for coffee, art and design, good food, great music and for the magnificent authentic Havana.

On the menu

Serving honest food with local organic and seasonal ingredients. International cuisine with a nod to Cuban heritage.

The best ingredients bought from local farmers guarantee a healthy and tasty menu.

HAV is the place to go for all-day breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Inspiring egg variations, fresh organic salads, seafood, pasta, fresh fruits and juices, and great desserts and pastries—all homemade in our HAV kitchen.

Of course, we have a variety of vegetarian dishes included in our menu.

Artisanal bread is specially made for HAV by one of the best bakeries of Havana.

Where to find us

We are located deep in the vibrant heart of La Habana Vieja, hidden in one of the most authentic streets of Havana, JESUS MARIA 258.

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Every Day
8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Breakfast & Brunch


+53 7 861 2898



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